Leshevet makes top 45 in Cititournyc, plus we get profiled in IloveNY.com

On New Year’s Day CitiTourNYC released its Top 45 Restaurant List for New York City. We were on it, how cool is that? We’ve got a lot of press during our debut year (2022).


Lashevet, an intimate spot for Middle Eastern cuisine on the Upper East Side, draws its influence from Israel, Morocco, and Lebanon with a taste of Provence, France. Chef Majid (Jay) Moulay Alami (formerly of Wallsé) was born in Casablanca and spent part of his youth living in Marseille, France. 


Leshevet makes top 45 in Cititournyc

Lashevet Restaurant  on I Love NY


The menu at Lashevet highlights elements of Israeli, Moroccan and Lebanese cuisine infused with flavors from Provence, France. Restaurant-goers are welcomed with a warm and cozy ambiance, but also with a menu crafted with the best intention of flavor, quality ingredients, and science-backed expertise. Besides providing a wonderfully crafted meal, Lashevet also believes a restaurant must work harmoniously to optimize the dining experience, just like ingredients work together to maximize flavor and quality.

I Love NY

And while we’re always delighted to be profiled in the various media around NYC, we’re most excited when customers say things like “Authentic, delicious, fresh Jerusalem food. Amazing food, wonderful service, nice setting, you can’t go wrong. A fantastic experience that I’ll repeat soon.” –Esteban Rubens

That doesn’t mean every review is stellar. After our initial launch, we worked through failings and kept striving to become better by listening to our customers. While Nao Hachi noted that “I ordered a taste of Jerusalem and house Moroccan tea. Both taste really great. I really love their Moroccan tea! Hospitality is outstanding.”, another local guide (Matt Daniel) noted that service was a bit slow, but still gave us an overall 4 stars.

Still, we took that review to heart and began working on changes we could make to improve the overall customer experience — our food we know if great, but the experience matters too, and we’re working to continually i prove.